A Society registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860 of India (Regn. No. S54171 of November, 2005)
Financial update.. In the financial year 2017-18, no foreign funding has been received by AAS

AAS Vision and Objectives : ‘Globalising Asia

  1. To further strengthen the network of ASIA scholars, media and policy practitioners created during the ASF Fellows grant period and ASF Annual conferences.
  2. Create a collective channel which will enable scholars from Asian countries and Asian scholars from outside Asia, to take initiatives and lead in various scholarly, economic, cultural and social activities involving Asian countries (e.g., international Conferences, Seminars, Workshops, publications about Asia etc.).
  3. To create a financially self-sufficient institution of Asian scholars, which will facilitate the creation of a framework against which Asian scholars can view and carry on the project “Globalizing Asia”.
  4. To create a sense of comradeship among those who stand for equality, progress and peace in the Asian region, and in the whole world.
  5. To honour scholars through fellowships and awards and to sustain the process of understanding the Asian region.

AAS Activities

AAS has already assumed the responsibility of linking individuals as well as Institutions engaged in the understanding of Asia: its composite culture, its Asian traditions, in the postcolonial era. It will build on the strengths of indigenous beliefs, practices and systems that simultaneously make Asia heterogeneous and enable a common understanding of the Asian experience.

Since November 2004, the AAS has undertaken a number of initiatives to connect Asia scholars of Asia and engage them in meaningful dialogue, including the following (please Please view events on www.asiascholars.org